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Peak Pay Per Call
How It Works.
Our leading-edge technology puts interested clients on the phone with you at the moment they are most interested in your service.
You ONLY pay for calls that are relevant to you.
You are guaranteed a price-per-call.
You don't do anything but answer your phone.

Most lead generation systems either require you to chase down leads, share leads with your competitors, charge you for actions that don't benefit you, and come with fees and restrictions.

We've eliminated those problems.

"I was struggling with my AdWords account for months trying to figure how to advertise my business properly. The keyword research was too exhausting and useless as most of the time my ads were disapproved or with a limited reach.  I really wanted to give up because the complications made me realize that advertising online simply was not for me. That had been the case until I received a phone call from a pay-per-call representative. I decided to try it as my last resort, and boy was I lucky. In only a few weeks they managed to significantly increase the number of calls my business was receiving. The best thing though is that I do not have to do anything by myself, I do not even manage my own account; their dedicated representatives do all the work for me, and I just get the results. I could not be happier”. 
What does it cost?
Rates are determined by your type of service and location. You'll be able to learn your exact price when you speak to your service representative. You're guaranteed the flat rate price-per-call for an entire year, even if OUR prices go up. You never have any other fees and you can pause or cancel at any time.
Is there a difference between call packages?
Yes. Our Starter Pack (5 calls) means you only have to pay for 3 calls (great for businesses with a small advertising budget. Our Supreme Pack (20 calls) comes with an extra layer of filtering. Calls are routed through an answering service that screens each call, making sure you never miss a call and you're only spending your time on the best calls. You still are allowed to determine whether the screened calls are relevant by pressing 1 to a text message you'll get after the call if it's not. This is as good as it gets with lead generation! 
How am I charged for the calls?
Calls are pre-sold in packages of 5 or 20. As your account runs low, you can replenish by purchasing a new package. If you choose to cancel, you'll be refunded for any unused calls.
What if I get calls that aren't relevant to me?
After a call from one of our interested clients, you'll receive a message on your cell phone asking if the call was relevant. If it wasn't, you'll be prompted to enter a 1. You won't have to pay for that call. Relevant means that 1. the call actually went through 2. The caller is in your service area. 3. The caller is looking for a service you actually provide. 
How long does it take to start receiving calls?
We'll be able to launch your campaign within 48 hours of your phone call with us (which will take about 15 minutes). It generally takes 4 days for your campaign to become active, though it can take up to 2 weeks in rare circumstances. The first month or so, our team will be testing your ads to make sure they're being shown to your ideal client. Make sure you answer every call so that they can best determine the value of the call. You may receive more than normal not-relevant calls at the beginning while they optimize your campaign, but fortunately you won't ever be charged for those! And with our Elite Screening Service (you're eligible with the 20-call package, you'll mostly just get relevant calls.)
How many calls can I expect?
That will largely depend on your area and type of service. It is typical to take 2 weeks to a month to just get your 2 free calls. That's the time that we're testing and optimizing (on our dime. Remember, you're not paying for those calls). After month two, we'll have a pretty good idea of how many calls we can expect. We will make every effort to get you the number of calls you want. Keep in mind that these are the highest-quality leads possible. Because of the extreme value of these leads, we focus on quality over quantity.
What determines the number of calls I can expect?
There are many factors that can impact the success of a campaign. These include the type of business (how many people are searching for it), the urgency of the business (emergency services tend to do best), the location (the more dense the population and larger the radius the better), and the hours available to answer the phone. 
Exactly how do clients find me?
When a potential customer searches for your service, your business will appear at the top of the screen, prompting them to call you. You are only charged if they do, and if they are a relevant customer. Your business will receive FREE exposure. If they go to your website or research you further, you are not charged. And because of our exclusive relationship with the provider, there is no guessing about how much to bid or what keywords to use to get your ad at the top of the page. Our firm utilizes top search engine advertising technology to maximize the volume of calls while minimizing the cost per calls. We provide, unique, quality, relevant only calls, or you don’t pay.
Can you tell me more about the company that provides the technology?
Our partner technology company is a Premier Google Partner, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Partner, the owner and investor of unique advertising technologies and a Public company.
• The company develops and markets a pool of unique and revolutionary software solutions, that automate and optimize campaigns on the internet and the world’s leading platforms (Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.).
• The company has unique knowledge and intellectual property, development capacity, expertise in commercialization and business development, that lean on vast experience in the field.
• They have expertise in the US, and have made initial strides to UK and AU where we can provide Pay Per Call services as well.
• This unique technology autonomously generates thousands of long-tail Google Ads campaigns based on massive business category taxonomy, hyper local targeting and special search terms constructing algorithm, converting users to calls straight from the ad.
Can any business use this service?
We currently can provide this service to over fifty types of businesses, with more being added weekly. If your business isn't included in this list, please give us a call at 801-810-0138 and put in a request. We can generally get a business added in a couple of weeks. As a rule of thumb, a client should have a life-time value of over $400 for this service to be appropriate. This is the current list of available specialties: Electrician, Flooring, Painter, Real Estate, Roofer, Solar Installation, Carpet Cleaning, Garage Doors, Plumber, Handyman, (Most home services like sheetrock, painting, etc.), Towing Service, Roadside Assistance, Accountant, Limousine Service, HVAC, Mover, Landscaping, Lawn Care, Veterinarian, Digital Marketing, Pest Control, Photographer, Personal Trainer, Skip Hire, Financial Advisor, Beautician, Storage Service, Security System, Disc Jockey, Divorce Lawyer, Car Upholstery, Cosmetology, Florist, Graphic Design, Dentist, Computer Repair, Car Detailing, Personal Injury Attorney, Laser Hair Removal, Bankruptcy Lawyer, Math Teacher, Auto Repair, Auto parts, Print Studio, Architect, Optometrist, Auto Sales, Car Rental, Property and Real Estate Attorney, Elder Care Social Work, Driving School, Dry Cleaning.
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